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Country Inflation GDP Population Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Uganda 4.9% 1,305 36,600,000 12.00% - UGX Jun 2017
South Africa 5% 10,229 54,002,000 8.94% - ZAR Jun 2017
Ghana 8.8% 3,081 27,043,093 8.90% - GHS Jun 2017
Rwanda 5.9% 1,354 10,996,891 8.00% - RWF Feb 2017
Tanzania 7.8% 1,505 47,421,786 7.50% - TZS Jun 2017
Zimbabwe 8.3% 559 13,061,239 6.00% - USD Jun 2017
Angola 8.9% 6,247 24,383,301 4.00% - AOA Apr 2016
Botswana 7.8% 14,321 2,024,904 2.75% - BWP Jun 2017
Mauritius 6.7% 12,737 1,261,208 2.58% - MUR Jun 2017

Africa Overview

With the population at over 1 billion (Est 2012) combined of 54 countries, the African continent has some of the lowest GDP PPP per capita (2011) countries in the world. However in 2011 economic growth minus South Africa according to a World Bank report(2012) was 5.9%. Specifically Egypt and Nigeria were categorized as one of the 'Next 11', a Goldman Sachs report which emphasis that along with the BRICs, these 11 countries could become some of the world's largest economies in the 21st century.

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